Nike Air Force 1 High Top Performance Review

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Nike Air Force 1 High Top Performance Review
Nike Air Force 1 High Top Performance Review

Do you search a classical iconic model shoe for basketball? No, more think! Nike Air Force 1 is one kind of classic design modern iconic Basketball Shoe, which is not only used for basketball purposes, is also famous for its unique designs. It has different designs for male men and women. Nike Men’s Air Force shoes made of leather are very soft, that’s why it’s very comfortable for your foot.

For your comfort in the basketball game, Bruce Kilgore made an impressive design shoe in 1982 named the Nike Air Force. At that time the design was very nice and it was very popular. So, within a short time, the Nike Air Force gained quite a popularity.

Nike Air Force 1 has a variety of versions; For example, low top, mid-top, high top. Here, we have discussed the details of Nike Air Force 1 High Basketball Shoe. Hopefully, our review will help you find your favorite shoes among many brands.

Features at a glance:

  • Classical iconic model shoe
  • This shoe is made of leather
  • Air force technology is used in the cushion
  • Solitary rubber sole
  • Excellent ventilation system

Top Designs
The design of Nike Air Force Shoe is very simple but nice. The outside of the shoe is made of leather. Because of Leather, shoes are very soft and comfortable. There is no fear of foot injuries. You can play for a long time.

Nike Air Force is a classical design shoe, but it has a solitary rubber. So, there is no problem even if the shoes are wet with water. One of the rubber sole’s benefits is that it will help you to jump and run.

The design is very well under the shoes, which are not usually seen in other shoes. Other shoes, that have a thin line under the shoe, cleaning the dirt becomes a bit difficult. However, the bottom of this footwear has coarse, tall, blank designs, so that it can be easily cleaned even when you’re your shoe is being dirty.

The shoe is made of leather but it has a soft mattress. Air force technology has been used in the mattress. Keeping your ankles safe and after a lot of time to play, you get a lot of comforts. Although this is a classic design, these shoes are well-known. All those who use this shoe, all gave great feedback.

In the upper part of this footwear, there are small leakages, which can easily come out of the inconvenient hot air inside the shoes. Many shoes do not have this facility. As a result, you may feel sick after playing for a long time. However, you do not have to worry about the ventilation process of Nike Air Force Shoe. You can play as long as you like.

There is no reason to worry about the durable quality of the Nike Air Force shoe. It is the shoe of many old brands, which still survive in the market for its durable quality.

Additional benefits
Nike Air Force Shoe is not just used as a basketball shoe. For its unique icon design, the boys and girls of the school, the college also use these shoes. These shoes are very fashionable and popular. You can also use it in your daily walk.

Anything has a good side and another bad aspect. This shoe is also a classical icon but there is no exception to it. It also has some good and bad aspects. Let’s see them;


  • Classical iconic model
  • In addition to schools, colleges and general walks basketball can be used
  • There is the advantage of releasing hot air
  • Fewer dirty accumulation in under the shoes
  • Normal design but nice


  • There is a possibility of getting dirty too soon
  • Many old designs

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) about Nike Air Force 1 High Top
Question 1. The straps of these shoes are removable?
Answer: Actually not. This shoe has closure straps that are non-removable.

Question 2. Can I use this shoe for my daily walk?
Answer: Of course, you can. This one is a classical iconic shoe, which is looking good.

Question 3. Has there scope to release hot air from inside of the shoe?
Answer: Yes. Nike air force has some small bloom upper part of the shoe, through which the hot air can be released.

Final Words
Finally, it can be said that Nike Air Force Basketball Shoes for Men are very popular shoes. This iconic model is going through the market with the competition of other modern basketball shoes for its good characteristics. If you want, your basketball shoe will be such stylish so that you can use it in your usual walk. However, Nike Air Force will be your first choice. You can understand the results using it. Buy Nike Air Force Shoes and make your performance awesome.

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