Women’s 2022 New Balance CT302 White Black


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The New Balance CT302 is a new court silhouette that exemplifies exaggerated minimalism with design rooted in the brand’s heritage and traditional court silhouettes. The CT302 transcends trends with a thoughtful refresh and fashion edge. Featuring an oversized N logo, the new silhouette brings in tones from the Shifted category, which houses lifestyle styles like the 327, 237 and 57/40. The midsole remains familiar but with updated contemporary features like the higher platform in comparison to archived court models. Other design features include a larger back tab, rounded edges, a larger scale outsole, and an asymmetrical tip with a higher medial side. This new release offers a mix of suede and rubber on the tip with leather and synthetic leather throughout. The tongue has only one layer of nylon to allow for the color to come through, giving it a vintage feel.


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