Nike PG 5 Performance Basketball Shoe Review

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The fifth in the line-up – ideally called the PG 5 – will be the shoe Paul will be supporting when he takes to the court for the Clippers in the new season. Designed with the same idea as the previous models – the PG 5 is a performance basketball shoe that will take the legacy to a new high.

Nike’s PG 5 is not like the over enthusiastic exterior PG 4 – it’s a more subtle black and white pair. The shoe however sticks with the low-cut profile as has been a staple with the lineup but explores the idea that comfort, which Nike says “is the first step to controlling pace on the basketball court.”

The simple black and white PG 5 is built in a combination of mesh, leather, and knitted material. While the exterior is different from the predecessor, the PG 5 retains the full-length Nike Air Dot Weld Strobel cushioning for the PG 4, which complements Paul George’s silky-smooth movement across the court.

The innovative Air cushioning paired with new lightweight upper works in favor of PG in two ways, Nike says. One, the lacing system ensures the foot is locked in and completely stable over the insole; two, the multi-directional tread pattern in the outsole helps with the “stop-and-go traction” during play.

All the way, the Nike PG 5 is a great all-around performer and a nice upgrade over the PG 4.


The traction pattern of the Nike PG 5 is very similar to the Kobe 9 pattern and provides top-tier traction indoors. Unfortunately, the outsole isn’t durable enough for outdoor use.

The cushion tech is similar to last year but feels pretty different. The New PG 5 isn’t as plush but provides a better court feel and more responsiveness.

The materials are what you’ve come to expect from the PG line: They feel pretty cheap but they perform well and are comfortable on foot.

The PG 5 fits like most PG models slightly narrow and snug. True to size works well.

The support and lockdown are very good thanks to a wide base and large outrigger – reviewers had no issues here.

Overall the Nike PG 5 is a great all-around performer and a real bargain at a list price of only $110.

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